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The Berlin-born 1977in Kathrin Kirchhoff began her creative career in the classic craft of upholstery in northern Germany. At age 22, she could with this know how the avant-garde artists association "WERKMEISTER" in the realization of their project "virtue and vice" support for the KaDeWe in Berlin, designing the historically inspired couture.
Thereupon she began studying as a fashion designer at the HTW Berlin and met here with the creative side and the technical and commercial needs of the creative fashion know. During her thesis, she dealt with the handling of ethnic inspiration the example Morocco and examined here, the political side of the fashion world in the global world. The resulting collection, they could, after her graduation in December 2004, the ICI-show fashion show in the royal city brewery in Berlin along with other selected theses.
Since then she is working on her own collection for women, due to material selection and tailoring always looks elegant but never dressed up. She looks for variations in classic shapes and flatters the body by asymmetric alignments and shows character through avant-garde details.
Your company name "KAY MUTO" reflects her creative approach again. The reclusive, cautious modifying recognizable roots as a flowing process characterizes the style of their designs without being boring or overdone to be.
"Kay" allows the designer the incognito gear, because the Lautausschrift the letter "K" can be either male as female first name and yet has personal connection to his own name. "Muto" is a supportive double interpretation from Italian, the character designer of the symbolize. Inadvertently naming affects Japanese, as well as their clothes often.
Each design has its tempo, each substance has its time to rest, some things have to break out some ideas. Kathrin Kirchhoff is continuously working on her designs and does not use rigid collection themes for the process to always include new impulses. Thereby get their collections beyond their recognizable style on the seasons.

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